Rayce – Jack Sparrow

Post by Ovie O, May 23rd, 2013

Rayce has always been one of my favourite acts sitting on the verge of super-stardom. He makes sick jams for fun. This one is called “Jack Sparrow”. Take a listen.

“The energetic Rayce returns with a sound engineered to hijack the airwaves, as well as the hearts of music lovers everywhere! In his new mid-tempo offering titled Jack Sparrow Rayce displays a growth in musical expertise, while retaining those elements which made his 2011 hit ‘Roll’ the raving success that it was. The careful fusion of the old and new results in a sound which needs just one listen to show that Rayce – in his incarnation as the lady-ravishing Jack Sparrow, is set to take his fans on the musical voyage of a lifetime.

Indeed, recent moves made by the talented singer and producer cut the figure of a man with colossal plans, as he recently joined his friend and frequent co-conspirator Dpzle as a label mate on Getting Our Dreams Entertainment.

Showing a preference for the figurative backseat, he has spent the last few months lending his skills to the works of Dpzle, De Magnus, andJDM among others – crafting a host of club ready tracks which have commandeered the airwaves. With Jack Sparrow, Rayce is effortlessly showing us what it great music is and with his new home Getting Our Dreams, fans across the globe can expect nothing but hits after hits from this strategic alliance.

Press Play, and let Captain Rayce’s Jack Sparrow take control of your speakers.”


Rayce - Jack Sparrow


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48 Responses to “Rayce – Jack Sparrow”

  1. Namebedis says:

    "Girl I'm feeling you deep in my bone marrow" !! O boy see HOOK !!

  2. chineke , kill me , choiii see abu.

  3. Sister Caro says:



    the kind of jam u leave on repeat and dont get bored…

  5. tags says:

    Dougie to this, Jerk to this, Shuffle to this, Pop-Lock & Drop to this, Azonto to this, Alanta to this, Lean & Rock to this, Walk-it-out to this, 2-Step to this, Stanky-leg to this, crank-that to this, do whatever you do but just move to this. It's simple, Rayce makes music!

  6. sureboy says:

    love dis jam!

  7. Omo Odua says:

    Get Pato Ranking, Burna boy, Olamide or Vector on the remix and it's gonna be hotter than fire. This joint is sick. Well done Rayce.

    • LADE says:

      Haha Oshey!!
      Suggestion yi stronging gan.

    • @activ8ed says:

      Olamide on a song like this? you think say that guy na majician sha..Burna boy I can understand. I don't really need a remix sef, this is perfect. If there should be a remix, lets SINZU spray some sauce of swagey rap on it.

  8. Mobo says:

    I have always watched out for this dude, Perfect for a new chick..

  9. Eba says:

    I gat the song on repeat here….Nice1 rayce….From ur homie

  10. David says:

    nice one @rayceonline

  11. David says:

    Men i need 2 recomment……in my rommer rommer…jack sparrow….

  12. silas says:

    Jam. real smooth

  13. Guest says:

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  14. login says:


  15. @activ8ed says:

    It's Rayce again!!!! Guy when no dey tire to make hit. This one will follow me immediately to my ipod

  16. Dsam says:

    Time don dey reach make we begin dey skip all this wizkid dem "go down low" posts. . Na song for big boys like us wey no dey do gragra dance, just dey trow sexy steps and let the ladies do the booty shaking…LOL…More of this Rayce

  17. ogwa says:

    Egwu… No gra gra in this song…Unlike some people go dey do like say dem dey shit for their song….Rayce this egwu make sense

  18. Oddy says:

    This song is way too sexy, Rayce osheyy!!!!

  19. Tmonei says:

    Rayce is all kind of threat….love this guy way die. He makes music!

    Hope the guy gets the big break he deserves.

    Rayce, keep repping…..

  20. login says:

    Notjustok replay button go knock before tomorrow…whalai thalai…I go replay this song , e go tear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Slow Motion says:

    madt jam …..

  22. @dextereous1 says:

    SICK BEAT!!! seriously any dance step goes, if u doubt me just try for urself

  23. There's sumfin about dis Bloke called RAYCE>>>>sick jam.

  24. Namebedis says:

    Ehen I had to come back! Na me carry FIRST I no even know! NJO una suppose dey give prize…wey my bag of rice? I don rape, violate & disintegrate the REPLAY button!!!

  25. oh boy see beat..Rayce went ham on this one..

  26. Brahh says:

    Oya….. Neato C copy this one again. Rayce you too much.!!

  27. Kay Rhymes Suz says:

    o so so crazy abt this joint…rayce to her room…

  28. DBOYYY says:


  29. one cyprus N*gga says:

    THIS BEAT = FIREEEE!!!!!!!!
    #advise – shoot a mad slow video like davido did for "feel alright"
    if u no come blow . . come find me for cyprus . LOL

  30. Cannot Disclose Name says:

    Hey Rayce/ Rayce's manager nIf you ever see this, please invest in a very good video nPeople need to understand the depth of excellence this song possesses.

  31. Dolly says:

    kelly handsome kinda song……..mad one rayce n i love d dr dre beat on d intro

  32. David says:

    Correct jamb padi mi ..

  33. Hope rayce brings a bagning video out for this tune This tune goes HAAAARRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDD.

  34. Damilola says:

    Rayce need to get a vid for this song ryt away this tune is on pointttttttt

  35. david says:

    All that, a bag’a chips and a coke.. Jack sparrow. No more words!

  36. frank says:

    This song is nice….. Sound like wat Morell wrote or wld do… Still on still nice one… Na blu film tins now… Norin do you kisssss dat barbieeee… No dull…

  37. tHE cmK says:

    f##kin mad!

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